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7645 Boulevard Henri-Bourassa Est
(coin ave. Arthur Nantel)
Montreal, Quebec
H1E 1N9, Canada
Phone: 1 587 840-8181

Pre-owned cars in Anjou, Montreal at Auto Global

Pre-owned cars in Anjou, Montreal

Any business knows humble beginnings, however, those who manage to stand out and be successful are those that have a big dreams and a clear mission. When we founded Global Auto in 1998, our main goal was to surpass the standards of the automotive industry each time a person used our services. It took a lot of effort to successfully win the heart and trust of our loyal customers today, and we continue to work hard for the products that we offer, to continue to earn the respect of every person who chose to shop at Auto Global. With a few clicks, discover our pre-owned cars for sale at Auto Global in Anjou, Montreal by navigating on our microsite. We strive to select the best pre-owned cars in the market to allow as many people to fill their need to travel in safety and confidence. As a local company, we support our community and listen to people's needs.

This is partly why we are now able to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We are comitted in our promise to offer products that meet or exceed your expectations at a reasonable price. Our emphasis is on teamwork, consensus building and personal initiatives, allowing us to offer a distinguished service! At Auto Global, nothing is half done, everyone helps everyone and the atmosphere is relaxed.

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